Overwhelmed with WE BUY HOUSES SIGN?! Should you sell your home?

Is it legal? Read this blog to learn more

Chances are you are reading this blog post because you've received a dozen we buy houses for cash post cards. Life is already throwing you lemons and you have no clue whether these companies are legit or even legal. 

We are here to tell you, YES THESE COMPANIES ARE LEGAL. ( Well, some! The ones that have properly setup their company)

Should you sell your home to them? It depends, you'll want to make sure these companies can deliver on their promises to buy your home for CASH. 

Questions to ask?

1.) First, find out if you’re dealing with a flipper/rehabber or if you’re dealing with a wholesaler.  A real estate flipper or rehabber is normally a direct buyer.

2.) Are they willing to put down a substantial amount typically $1000-2000 down for earnest money?

3.) There's absolutely nothing wrong with a wholesaler, but do ask whether they already have a buyer that's interested in buying your property.

4.) How long will they need to close?

These are just few quick questions. 

Don't attempt to sell your home alone! We can help you. Hire a trusted affordable real estate attorney and investor to help you negotiate with these investors before you sign a contract with them to ensure they are not only legal but that you get the best sales price for your home.  

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