You are the reason for your failure!

You are the reason for your failure!  

Today I’m heading to Charleston, SC to attend the Million Dollar Badass mastermind retreat with my fellow Bad Ass Millionaire colleagues! These women are AMAZING! My coach has reminded us all we are going to experience massive shifts over the next few days. We will be in a luxury space away from our every day routine, surrounded by powerful women making a huge impact around the world.

It cost me $25,000 whooping dollars, oh yes $25,000 bandos (that’s Chicago slang for cash money for the 99’-00’) to have access to this community and attend this retreat.

I travel a few times a year solely for business retreats! Every time I have attended a retreat I’ve receive new levels of awareness in my business and in my life.  

Whipping out that credit card and paying $25,000 is no easy freight. I side eyed the very first time I had to pay for coaching but it changed my fucking life! I accomplished more in a few months than I had accomplished the previous year. Now to whip out my credit card and announce that I’m heading off to a retreat is no longer the risky investment I once felt it was: I know I’m going to get a huge return.

Coaching is meant to give you insight and tools to get measurable results! You don’t know what you don’t know! But what you do know is what you are doing right now today isn’t working! It doesn’t give you the financial freedom you deserve. It doesn’t allow you time to spend with your family. Hell, you don’t even have enough disposable income to enjoy yourself your own city without worry.

It may sound scary as hell to invest in yourself, but the truth is if you won’t invest in your self who will? No one is going to build generational wealth for your family; no one is going to give you the freedom and earnings you deserve. YOU and only YOU are responsible for obtaining those things.

It’s been said that your desired lifestyle is hidden just behind your fear! Be anxious, be fearful but TAKE ACTION. Become committed to the life of struggles or a life full of wealth and freedom. There’s no room to straddle the fence. I’m sure you know being stuck in middle class suck ass! Your taxes are used to support everyone but you while you are struggling to make ends meet with no help! Yeah, that lifestyle is rough! Been there, done that and NEVER want to feel it again. I’ve heard everything under the sun. I’m scared to invest money in myself because this is all I have, I don’t know if coaching works, eww thee worst I’m just going to bid at the tax auction and see what happen. Literally, that’s the quickest way to lose your money and stay broke.

Does coaching work?! I can’t speak for every Joe blow out there but YES, MINES DO! What’s the difference? I have a roadmap to introduce to your vision that won’t sacrifice your family + life.  

We’ll focus on the issues that matters most to take you from being a newbie investor to one savvy money making maven, including:

•    Unleashing your Fear
•    Building Your Million Dollar Mindset
•    Getting Clear on Your Passion
•    Learning how to Invest like a Pro
•    How to turn Tax Lien Certificates and Deeds into Massive $$$

You know that you have a larger vision for your business and life than you’re currently able to create on a consistent basis.  You know deep down the life you desire to live, and you deserve to experience your big vision, full-time, and reap the rewards that come along with that vision. Don’t be the reason why you fail. Trust yourself for once in Invest in yourself.

Join me and my team for Build Your Own Wealth: Passion Profit Power 10 week Master class starting June 3, 2019 and you’ll not only reserve your luxe #investorlife, but you’ll also get an Oprah worthy bonus VIP day in Chicago---- which includes a private full day live intensive master class with seven figure earners spilling all the secrets you need to take your life to the next level and a luxe yacht party at Navy Pier Chicago.

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