What state are you licensed to practice in?

I'm licensed to practice throughout the state of Illinois. However, trademarks and copyrights are federal. Therefore, I'm licensed to file trademarks and copyrights throughout the United States.

Can you service clients that's not near your Chicago office location?

Yes, our law firm utilizes a Virtual Law Office which allows you to communicate with me quickly and securely 24/7 regardless of where you are physically located. Once you register to use the Virtual Law Office you will have your own secure, private Client Portal from which you can interact with me to obtain the legal services you need. You will be able to check the status of your legal matter, ask questions and send messages to me, and upload or view important documents.

How can I get in touch with you to discuss my legal matter?

There are three ways to contact me:

    1. CLIENTS ONLY- You can register for the Virtual Law Office once . Through the use of the Virtual Law Office, we can be in constant communication through your Client Portal, email, and on the phone. You will always be able to check the status of your legal matter online, as well as open a new matter and receive legal services when you need them, 24/7.

The Virtual Law Office makes it easy for you to:

· Request or purchase a legal service,

· Send me important documents or review documents I have sent to you,

· Check the status of your matter,

· Ask questions,

· View and pay your invoice.

You will get an alert every time your file is updated, letting you know whenever there is progress on your legal matter

2.You can send me an email to request a consultation or ask a question. Emails can be sent to  I try to answer all emails by the next business day.

3. Lastly, you can always give my office a call. A team member is available to answer your call between 9:00am- 5:00pm CST. My phone number is 312.442.0057.

How do I get started working with you?

* Traditional Real Estate Transactions buy and sale does not require a paid consultations if you have an executed contract. Email your contract to*

Wholesalers are required to pay a NON- refundable deposit of $250. This fee will be applied to your account. If the deal does not close the $250 will go towards the firm's administration costs. 

Many clients will first connect with me via telephone or email. We can schedule a consultation where I can learn more about you and your situation, discuss your specific legal needs, and answer any questions you may have about pricing and how the Virtual Law Office works.

The next step after you decide to become a client is to register for the Virtual Law Office. I will then send you an engagement letter, an intake form, and an invoice via the Virtual Law Office.

Do you only work with clients through the Virtual Law Office?

No! Though many clients find it is most convenient and preferable to work with me through the Virtual Law Office, I also love working with clients in the traditional sense; if you are located in the greater Chicago land area we can meet in person to discuss your legal matter.

I’m worried about exchanging documents online. How do you keep my documents safe?

The Virtual Law Office software uses a level of security comparable to what online banks and government agencies use. Only you can access your private and secure Client Portal. Unlike email, which is generally unencrypted, our communications are completely secure, using the highest industry standards of secure HTTPS.

Your documents are backed up on secure servers, which automatically make copies kept in multiple locations. This significantly minimizes the risk of data loss when compared to conventional computer backup systems.

How much do you charge and how do I pay you?

My fees will vary depending on your situation and needs. However, the majority of my services can be provided on a fixed-fee basis. You will always know what your costs will be before I begin the work and I will always inform you ahead of time if there is ever additional work that would trigger an increase in fees. In some situations, however, a fixed fee is just not very plausible. In those cases, I work at my hourly rate of $400.00. Click here to find out more about my fees and flat fee packages.  

Why do you charge for consultations?

* Traditional Real Estate Transactions buy and sale does not require a paid consultations if you have an executed contract. Email your contract to*

Attorney Robinson not provide any legal advice to clients without a paid consultation. Due to the legal liability, prior to providing legal advice it's important for potential clients to retain our firm for a consultation, if specific advice for their business is desired . 
Meet and greets are scheduled for introductions and both parties seeing if working together is a great fit. However, if your question submitted requires a legal analysis and legal opinion to be given you must schedule a consultation. Our office charges $150 to provide a 30 minute consultation. If we are retained for those services within 7 days the $150 will be applied to the balance. 

After I place my order what's next?

After your order is processed you will receive a confirmation and welcome email to create a login to gain access to our client portal. You will have access to the client portal 24 hours 7 days a week. Here we will request any additional documents or information we may need to complete your order. 

I filed my Trademark with Legal zoom can you review it?

Unfortunately, we do not review files al carte. If you have received an office action from the USPTO we can review your office action. Pricing varies case by case for office actions. Please email us at

Do you work with wholesalers?

Yes, please note you must be in compliance with Illinois State Laws. 

Can you review my wholesale contract?

Unfortunately, we do not review contracts al carte. If you would like to have a custom purchase and sell agreement and/or assignment contract drafted please email us. Pricing starts at $600.  Please email us at

I'm interested in your Tax Lien and Deed Coaching?

Great, our Tax Lien and Deed Coaching is a non-legal coaching program. Please schedule a 10 minute Profit call to discuss whether this program is a great fit for you.