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Ditch Fear: Build Your Own Wealth Non-Refundable

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This coaching program is a non legal service! 

What you'll learn in this Ten week LIVE coaching program:

  • I'll start by teaching you how to overcome obstacles and unleash your fear allowing you to reach your full potential!
  •  We’ll focus on shifting your mindset into a place where you are ready and able to start achieving even bigger results than you've gotten thus far. 
  •  I’ll teach you how to get clear on your passion and capitalize on your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses and then build a business model that is rooted in your greatest assets (not the guru stuff you hate). This is essential to bringing more focus and productivity to your day. It’s the key to ending procrastination and adding in a whole lot more profitability.
  •  One of the keys to being successful in tax sale investing is learning how to invest like a pro to ensure you never lose money. We will teach you how to scrub the county issued list, narrow down your search, the best location to invest in, the difference between a lien and deed, multiple list hacks and more.
  •  My favorite high-probability, low-cost way to generate more business is by positioning yourself as an authority in your space. That has a lot to do with your systems and I’ll walk you through my BYOW System Model and show you specifically what to do in YOUR business to streamline your process, increase credibility and close more deals.
  •  .Once you're got the right systems in place you're want to multiple the number of deals you complete. The keys to moving from time for money to making money when investing in tax sale is unpacking the knowledge you’ve got from your experience and strengthen your team. We'll teach you who you need on your team, how to find and hire them. Train them to use the systems that works and you’ll be able to scale up your income, without adding any more hours to your day.     
  •  Tax sale investing is a legal process. You'll learn how to avoid being trapped in a legal woe and losing your money. You'll gain legal training wheels and be knowledgable and prepared to invest and win a bid at the tax sale auction.
  •  Once we've got your scalable real estate business structured in place... you'll want to take a look at how to increase your revenue significantly by learning multiple strategies to profit from your tax liens without having to wait the full redemption period.
  •  You heard the saying more money more problems?! You'll learn how to take other professionals hands out your pocket by learning negotiation techniques when selling your property increasing your profit.
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