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Your Vision is Worth Billions. Trademark it!™

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Benefits of Booking a Call

Want to trademark your brand with a Guaranteed Result for a Flat rate? No surprises here!

Your little company isn’t so… little.
Even if you only have two employees, that vision of yours? It’s huge. A billion dollars worth.

You deserve to protect it.

“But, doesn’t that come later?”

Let’s put it this way: The earlier you trademark, the sooner you have protection. Protection from others using your name, your slogan, your course titles, and much.. Much more.

Trademarking your entire business for full brand protection.

As in: You’ll own it. You’ll own ALL of it, with your mind at ease.

Protection of Your Entire Brand is Protection of Your Entire Vision

Okay, okay. We get it.
You may already have a trademark.

Or, maybe you’re considering getting your first.

And you know what? That’s an awesome first step.

But it is just that- a first step.

It’s kind of like…
covering your head with half an umbrella.

Sure, you’ll be maybe 10% dryer, but the rain can still get by and soak your clothes through.

By trademarking one piece of your brand,
you’re taking partial cover from the storm.

Maybe no one can legally use your brand name.

But what about your slogan?
Your course names? Your programs?

No worries. We’re here to patch that umbrella of yours.

Maybe even provide you with a brand new one.

And make sure you’re covered…entirely.

Because You Deserve To Be Fully Protected

At True Lawyer®, we believe that your business should be treated like the next billion dollar company. Why? Because all billion dollar companies started small.


Many entrepreneurs start off with a business they feel confident in. They know their branding. They understand their clients and customers. Their vision is loud and clear. And with that kind of confidence, they believe whatever they have chosen for their brand is theirs. Conceptually, that may be true. But unless you have a trademark, you’re building your brand on someone else’s land. The second someone else trademarks the name/title/slogan you want to use, they’re going to claim that land and everything on it. True Lawyer® makes sure you own the land you’re building on and everything you’re building on top.


We get it. Not everyone wants to deal with the “law stuff” because it’s intimidating. There are a lot of terms that get thrown around. And it can sometimes feel so overwhelming it feels better to handle everything else… and let the “law stuff” go until the business feels bigger.

We at True Lawyer® believe that all the “law stuff” shouldn’t be reserved for the “big boys” in the business world. No matter where your business is, it deserves the same “big boy” treatment. We will handle all your trademarks with just as much care as any billion dollar company… and we’re not going to drown you in legalese while we’re handling it.


Just because we treat your business like a billion dollar company doesn’t mean we’re going to charge you like one. Our prices are reasonably set at a flat rate so you get the protection you deserve without bleeding your entire budget dry.


You have a lot of information that gets thrown your way when building a business. There’s a lot of talk about brand building. You’re encouraged to come up with creative revenue ideas. You’re told you need to come up with a marketing plan that includes email sequences, website building, and funnels in every direction.

You know what’s not part of the conversation? Trademarks. We’re happy to bridge that educational gap for you. We want you to fully understand what a trademark does and what it can do for you…in your specific business…with your values front and center.

True Lawyer® was created so entrepreneurs like you can secure their brand, their business, and their vision…fully.

No matter where your business is, we have a trademark package to fit you.

Your Vision is Worth Billions. TRADEMARK IT!®


Our promise to you. If we clear your mark and the USPTO doesn’t register your mark, we will file your next mark for FREE*





20-minute Trademark strategy session call
Comprehensive Federal, State, and Common Law Search for your trademark
Detailed search report
Detailed Opinion Letter issued by Attorney Robinson detailing likelihood of registration
30-minute Trademark Legal Consult call to discuss Opinion letter and options to proceed
Application filed which include USPTO filing fee of $350
Correspondence w/ client throughout the trademark 8–12-month process
Respond to non-substantial office actions
Trademark Certificate
Trademark Party Box full of surprises specially made for a Billion Dollar CEO, that’s you!
Trademark Guarantee- If we clear your mark and your mark doesn’t register, we will file your next trademark for free*
Free additional search if your choice is problematic
One month Access to Trademark Clique®
Note for Essential and Billion Dollar Brand: These packages do not include legal defense services such as Office Action responses or filing Statement of Use or Extensions for Intent to Use trademarks.

Protect now, pay later.


Essential Package


Need to add an additional class code?
If you wish to use a trademark to cover more than a single product or service, and those products or services fall into more than a single class (for example, automobiles and food) additional fees are required for each additional class.

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Billion Dollar Brand Package


Want to pay in 4 interest-free payments of $750?
Click here to pay with  .

Need to add an additional class code?
If you wish to use a trademark to cover more than a single product or service, and those products or services fall into more than a single class (for example, automobiles and food) additional fees are required for each additional class.

Click here to add additional classes to your order.

You know all those “internet legal companies” popping up?

We don’t need to get into naming names…
But you’ve probably seen them.

They pride themselves as the “easy” way to do legal business.

You just join in on a Zoom or Skype meeting
And before you know it, you’ve got all your legal forms in your hand.

Here’s the thing with those “easy legals.”
They’re not a law firm.
They’re document preparation companies.
And they’re really good at one thing:
Doing what you tell them to do.
Which sounds super great, until you’re faced with the back and forth with the federal government because some small company in little Arkansas is using the slogan you want to use.


You’ll work closely with experienced lawyers and trademark specialists in your field.

There are no surprises. Have peace of mind
without wasting your time.

You’ll feel confident about your brand. You’ll be able to better promote the brands you own.

You’ll never be asked to have the back and forth dealing with the Federal Trademark Office on your own. You won’t have to know how to respond. Why? Because we’ll do it for you.

Our Trademark Guarantee:

After our comprehensive search, we will give you the green light to file and register your trademark. If, for whatever reason, your trademark isn’t approved by the Trademark Office, we’ll file a new trademark for you free of charge. We are with you every step of the way until you hold ownership of your brand!

You’ll never be asked to have that back at forth on your own. You won’t have to know how to respond. Why? Because our trademark lawyers and copyright lawyers will do it for you.

We do all the hard work: scouring trademarks all over the United States. We’ll let you know if it looks like anyone is using the trademark you want and if it looks possible for you to have your name on it.

When we get the green light to move forward, we’ll take care of all the details. We’ll ensure you have a trademark that is enforceable and no one else can use it in your industry.

Guarantee, “easy legal” won’t do that for you.

So there are two ways you can take on your trademark journey:

You can go ahead and hire one of those document preparation companies. And then we can take over to clean up any mistakes that are bound to be there.


You can save an extra $400 or so and hire a real lawyer from the start. Someone who has your interests at heart and be with you every step of the way. (Psst, that’s us.)

Adding Trademarks to the Conversation

Let’s sit down for a story real quick.
Don’t worry, it’s a short one.
A little bit ago, a business owner contacted us. He had been in business for over 35 years and the first thing he said was, “I didn’t even know trademarks were a thing until I saw you online.”

35 years into his business and he never even knew about the importance of trademarks.

Look, you don’t know what you don’t know. And right now, there’s a lot of conversation about starting up a business. Like, a lot.

You’ll never run out of marketing ideas. You’ll never run out of people telling you how to brand your business with logos and color-coordinated graphics. You’ll never not hear about the importance of brand voice and connecting with your clients.

But you’ll very rarely hear about the importance of trademarking.

We’re including trademarks in that conversation.

We know branding and marketing and finding your voice are important pieces of the business creation puzzle. But many businesses tend to forget about the first piece they should be putting in place: Trademarks.

Ensuring your trademarks are secure and registered saves you the pain of rebranding down the line, costing you thousands of dollars and more headaches than anyone should ever have to deal with.

Ready to sell the world your billion dollar vision?