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We are
At True Lawyer, we’re all about what’s real good: Real good law, real good clients, and real good people. That’s because we know all things real good drive billion dollar businesses to success.
We’re the kind of people who push for wealth making decisions into our clients’ hands so that they can grow in their small and midsize business. We know law like the back of our hands, but we aren’t all about making it more confusing than what it needs to be for the people we work with.


That is… if you’re the kind of person who values the ideas of others and are ready to help business owners make their business the next big thing.

Are you a real good employee ready to work with real good clients so we can build billion dollar brands? (We’re willing to bet you are.) We’ve got some exciting projects in the works we’ll need your hands on. Our current openings are at the bottom of the page.

Who Our Clients Are:

Our clients are business owners and creatives who value their vision knowing the possibility of growth. They’re playing like the big boys: treating themselves as if they’re the next Amazon, the next Walmart, the next franchise ice cream shop. They know the importance of legal protection and look to us as the experts who can do that with persistent care without feeling overwhelmed.

What Working with True Lawyer Looks Like:

Our Work’s Purpose:

To support businesses and provide protection of their brands and assets for future growth.

Our Progressive Mission:
To protect worthy business visions as if they are already a billion dollar brand.

  • We adhere to the highest professional standards, both for our clients and ourselves.
  • We welcome employees of diverse experiences and progressive thinking.
    We promote respect and kindness within our work and outer community.
  • We uphold ourselves to high standards of integrity in all of our work and interactions.
  • We provide a team environment where we work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our clients.
  • We value our people and encourage higher development, rewarding outstanding performance.

The Perks of True Lawyer:

At True Lawyer, our employees from leadership to the sales specialists are team mates. As a team we have fun while reaching our goals. Everyone is treated with respect and integrity. We make sure every True Lawyer employee has Paid Time Off for the days when life is a little crazy. We provide supplement insurance for your health, dental and vision care, and retirement benefits so you’re taken care of even after your time with us.