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Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile is getting a new name for the first time in 100 years

Oscar Mayer trademark

I get excited every time I see the weinermobile in the morning. See picture below. Fun trademarks like Oscar Mayer’s (est. 1939) give brands a distinct advantage. How is your brand standing out from competitors? A unique trademark makes your brand instantly recognizable and memorable. It sets you apart and helps customers choose you. Moreover, […]

Why and How to Register My Trademark in the USA

If you have a name, logo, or slogan that you currently use or intend to use to sell goods or services, consider trademarking. Your business sets itself apart from others in the industry through trademarking. Contact True Lawyer for more information on “how to register my trademark in the USA.”   What Is Trademarking? Trademark […]

Common Trademark Infringement Examples and Actual Cases

Trademarks protect your brand’s unique identity in your industry. Many company logos, names, and other identifiers are similar. Familiarizing yourself with common trademark infringement examples can help you know how to identify and avoid them. Trademark infringement arises when one company posits that another company is using its trademark without permission. It’s up to the original […]