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Trademark DIY Course


Trademark DIY Course *Please note this product is a DIY self-guided Trademark course. This is a non-legal course and will not create a client-attorney relationship. If you desire our firm to assist you with the filing of your Trademark please do not purchase this product. You must purchase



12 Lesson – DIY Trademark Course
Table of contents:

Lesson 1: The difference between Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.

Lesson 2: Important Trademark terms you should know.

Lesson 3: Can I Trademark my name? Is my name available?

Lesson 4: What can I Trademark?

Lesson 5: Intent to use application vs. already in use.

Lesson 6: Good/Services How to choose your class.

Lesson 7: Descriptions.

Lesson 8: Specimen.

Lesson 9: Will my Trademark register automatically?

Lesson 10: Filing an application.

Lesson 11: I received an office action. Now what?

Lesson 12: It’s official. My Trademark has registered

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