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Trademark Cancellation Proceedings

Our Trademark Cancellation service focuses on defending your trademark application. Trademark cancellation is the legal process of removing a registered trademark from the registrar. This allows the trademark to be registered by another party. 

If you believe a registered trademark will cause you harm and the trademark meets one of the criterias below you may file a trademark cancellation proceeding. 

A trademark cancellation proceeding can be filed for but not limited to: 

  • Trademark Cancellation on the basis of Fraud 
  • Trademark Cancellation on the basis of Lack Bona Fide Intent to Use Trademark
  • Trademark Cancellation on the basis of Likelihood of Confusion
  • Trademark Cancellation on the basis of Non Use
  • Trademark Cancellation on the basis of Generic or merely descriptive
  • Trademark Cancellation on the basis of Dilution

If you receive a Notice of Trademark Cancellation you must respond. Failure to respond will result in your trademark becoming abandoned. The filing of an trademark cancellation is the start of a trademark litigation before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

If you receive notification of trademark cancellation or would like to initiate a trademark cancellation proceeding please contact our office to schedule a legal consult with a Licensed Trademark Attorney.


Some restrictions apply to the legal fee quoted above.*

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