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Trademark Monitoring

As a trademark owner you are responsible for monitoring and enforcing your trademark rights against trademark infringement.


It is not uncommon for infringers and copycats to attempt to utilize your brand assets. The United States Patent and Trademark Office will not monitor your trademark rights. It’s your responsibility as the trademark owner to monitor your trademark against competitive marks and services that may be the same or similar to yours.


If you discover that another brand is using your trademark you should consider enforcing your trademark rights.


Trademark monitoring allows you to monitor your brand for infringement against the Unites States. The longer copycats, infringers, and confiscators use your brand assets (logo, slogans, brand name, course name, etc.) without you enforcing your trademark rights the harder it becomes to stop copycats, infringers, and confiscators from infringing on your trademark.


Our trademark monitoring service focuses on delivering quality legal monitoring services to ensure trademark owners retain ownership of their trademark rights. Start today monitoring your trademark to ensure your trademark is secure.


If you have any questions or concerns about your particular trademark monitoring please contact one of our experienced trademark attorneys. We are always happy to provide a legal trademark monitoring consultation.

Some restrictions apply to the legal fee quoted above.*

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